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The leading group of America for multinational investment the Goldman Sachs Group is providing excellent services to its customers by being a top class American multinational investment bank & financial services oriented company.

Multiple career opportunities for candidates at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Group Incorporation is one of the leading global financial investment banking, investment management and securities management firm that is providing brilliant services under the wide range of network to its substantial & diversified clients from areas like corporations, governments, financial institutions & individuals.

Since 1869, with headquarter in New York, the Company is offering various services and has well maintained offices in almost every major financial centres of this world.

The Goldman Sachs Application Process

An online Application form

The selection process for different job roles at Goldman Sachs Inc. begins with submission of an online application form. Once after submitting the form, and getting accepted for further rounds of assessment, your next stage is psychometric test.

The Goldman Sachs Psychometric Tests

Series of tests will be taken by the team of Goldman Sachs for assessment in their graduate recruitment program usually in their offices. You will be sitting in verbal & numerical reasoning test that will be assessed under the predefined time limit and without any access to calculator.

The Written Tests

The Goldman Sachs written tests mainly comprises of multiple series of unique paragraphs that must be solved after reading them carefully and you need to answer it as per the time limit. Here you will have three options: True, False and cannot say.

Through this test, all your analytical abilities will be assessed and fair amount of chances for reading will be given.

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Personal interview 

This is the last step in which you are going to sit in front of Goldman Sachs Company’s Panel, who will assess on based on your body language, your communication skills as how you can tackle any situation that can match with the job role you have applied for.

In order to be successful in this round you should be having excellent body language and great eye contact together with the well suited dress-up to impress the judges.

Most importantly you should be honest and clear about your goals and perception about the company’s goals, values and ethics.


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