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One of the most promising company BT is actually a multinational telecommunications holding firm with its origin in Britain.

Multiple career opportunities at BT

BT Company‘s graduate level programme is about the development of candidates in terms of both personal as well as professional level with you as a candidate in driving seat.

BT Application Process

An online Application form

The BT application process for different job roles begins with the submission of an online application that needs to be filled by the candidate with its personal details along with some other detailed information like your academic background, experience in years and few basic details about the candidates.

The Psychometric assessment

The psychometric assessment process begins with the different variety of tests like numerical reasoning test, group exercises, presentation and case study of different topics.

BT’s Numerical Reasoning Tests

This test has the total of twenty questions which needs to be answered within twenty minutes. The topics can be graphs, tables, pie charts, percentages etc. You need to carefully observe the data given and then choose the one that must fit into your thinking ability from the multiple set of answers.

These are designed effectively to test the numerical ability of a candidate. You should perform heavy duty practice for getting better success in your BT tests online with take my online BT tests for me.

BT’s Group Exercise

This group exercise will provide companies a better demonstration of how a candidate can fit into the working environment & will perform as a team. The number of issues will be given to you in the form of detailed information and you better required the solutions for the issues.

You need to ensure a good balance between your speaking abilities while speaking up and your leadership for the team.You need to showcase that you are a good leader as well as you can work efficiently in a team in all situations within the jurisdiction of the company.

BT’s Presentation

An information is given related to job roles you have applied for and you will be asked to get prepared for the presentation in front of assessors. You would be needed better organized information in order to solve the questions and to demonstrate your knowledge pertaining to the Company’s roles and behaviours. The presentation can demonstrate how a candidate can work within the pressurized situation. Apart from that your analytical as well as presentation skills will be notified.


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The BT Case Study

This is a kind of written exercise and you need to undertake the exercise, where you are going to have materials to completely read & then deliver required analysis. The test can effectively assess your written as well as oral skills.

Before going ahead with this exercise you need to focus on company’s values & ethics and how the BT organization works. The background knowledge for the Company is also important for the case study.

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