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The Company British Airways is one of the most promising organization for airline operations and services in the United Kingdom.

Various career opportunities for you at British Airways

The British Airways is the top class airline operating company that has its own proud history. The company always look for the candidates who are forward thinkers, agile minded no matter whether they are graduate or undergraduate in order to deal challenges that everybody faces in this modern world. They have new technologies and innovation to serve 45 million plus customers all over the world with simple & effective solutions. 

The British Airways’s recruitment process

  • An Online Application
  • The Psychometric assessment round
  • The Telephonic round
  • The Assessment Day

The online application process for British airways 

British Airways’s Online application round is the first stage for being successful at this company. Candidates are required to full fill all the necessary details including your CV and important professional information.

British Airways’s Situation assessment day

In this Situational Judgment section of British Airways you will face questions mainly consist of various sets in order to assess how you will be going to react quickly to different possible hypothetical situations that you may face during your job work at workplace of British Airways.

Multiple scenarios will be given & you are required to have correct answers to get access to your next stage. Time period will be 20-30 minutes.

You need to be aware about the variety of values as well as behaviours for assessing your capability to work hard as per the cultural aspects of the British Airways without any hesitation.

The British Airways’s Numerical Reasoning round

  • The British Airways’s numerical reasoning test is actually based upon the low level mathematical concepts.
  • Candidates are required to first read the given data & then analyse it thoroughly in order to deduct important information from that.
  • The data can be given in the form of mathematical terms, graphs, percentage, charts, ratios etc.
  • Practice hard for this section to get succeeded with section.
  • Once after receiving the activation link then you will have almost 7 more days to finish the test.

The British Airways’s Verbal Reasoning round

  • It is a test in which information is provided in the form or series of multiple paragraphs in terms of MCQ’s.
  • It is a test to define candidate’s ability to clearly understand, read, digest and also analyse written data carefully.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required.

The British Airways’s Diagrammatic or Logical assessment test 

To perfectly verifying your problem-solving abilities in terms of different series of questions that needs should be answered by every candidate. Here questions are given in terms of sequences of different patterns, shapes.

The British Airways’s Personality assessment Test

This sort of test with the company British Airways can specify the situations for the job role you have already applied and also the company in general. This aims to crack your mind and determine what type of persona you are actually, what is the biggest inspiration in your life and your SWOT analysis. You need to be honest & correct about your wordings as these are designed by the experts to figure out the discrepancies.

The British Airways’s Group Exercise

Little information is given & all you need to do is to analyse it in terms finding a relation between given question and possible answers. You are going to be assessed in terms of how you will work with your team for deriving answers. Here methods to find the answers is more crucial than the answer itself.

British Airways’s Presentations

With the British Airways’ round of presentation the candidates are requested to perfectly scrutinise the given pack of data & then you are required to present it in front of your group. British Airways’s presentation test is all about expressing your analytical skills as well as presentation skills within a period of time.

British Airways’s Role Play

The British Airways’s role play exercise is totally based on the situations delivered to you where you are going to assessed in terms of your behaviour, knowledge & you capability to handle most of the situations. It can be similar to the scenarios you are going to face at your workplace with your colleague or client. The examiner will see how you will perform under pressure and how you can be ensured about the preparations.

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