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The Atkins Company is among the list of world’s most reputed design, project management & engineering consultants.

Various career opportunities at Atkins

The Atkins Company’s Graduate Programme is actually a 3 year programme especially designed by the experts to deliver needful assistance to the graduates so that they can develop skills & knowledge they require in order to get ahead in their life as soon as possible. Atkins aims at possibly delivering professional help in terms of registration where needed.

This programme includes series of excellent events together with the core valued training modules, mentoring, professional development, and at last on the work experience.

The Atkins’s Application Process

Atkins online application 

Atkins Online application round is the first stage for being successful at this company. Candidates are required to full fill all the necessary details including your CV and important professional information.

Psychometric tests by Atkins if a candidate successfully met the criteria of 1st stage

  • It is used by the Atkins Company for the assessment of candidate’s inherent learning abilities at no prior knowledge.
  • Takes around 90 minutes in total to finish which includes questions from different skills and expertise.
  • With the help of experts who will take the tests on your behalf you can go ahead for take my online Atkins Tests for me.
  • You need peaceful location to get prepared for the section.

Atkins Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • The Atkin’s numerical reasoning test is actually based upon the low level mathematical concepts.
  • Candidates are required to first read the given data & then analyse it thoroughly in order to deduct important information from that.
  • The data can be given in the form of mathematical terms, graphs, percentage, charts, ratios etc.
  • Practice hard for this section to get succeeded with section.
  • Once after receiving the activation link then you will have almost 7 more days to finish the test.

The Atkins’s Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • No prior knowledge or experience is required.
  • It is a test in which information is provided in the form or series of multiple paragraphs in terms of MCQ’s.
  • It is a test to define candidate’s ability to clearly understand, read, digest and also analyse written data carefully.

The Assessment Day at Atkins

The test here will be comprises of two sections:

  • Atkins’s written exercise and presentation

All you need to do here is to scrutinise the given pack of data & then you are required to present it in front of your group. Atkins’s written test is all about expressing your analytical skills as well as presentation skills within a period of time.

  • Atkins’s Group exercise

Little information is given & all you need to do is to analyse it in terms finding a relation between given question and possible answers.

You are going to be assessed in terms of how you will work with your team for deriving answers. Here methods to find the answers is more crucial than the answer itself.

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