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The company Accenture, started its operations in 1989 in terms of business & technology consulting solution company i.e. Andersen Consulting then in the year 2001 the name has been changed to Accenture from that point of time it become one of the most renowned company with name in the list of Fortune 500 Company. Mainly company provide services in the field of security, business strategy, sustainability, mergers and technology innovation across wide range of industries.

Careers opportunities for you at Accenture

With almost 500,000 plus employees majority of them from India, the UK, & the US, company is keen on recruiting employees across different areas of expertise like consulting, operations, corporate and cybersecurity.

The focus should be on retaining & training the staff, company looks for the ambitious & talented people across the world and it is striving for equal & diverse workforce in a less traditional manner.

The Accenture Application Process

  • The Online Application form
  • Psychometric Assessments or an online assessment
  • Digital Interview Round
  • Virtual Assessment Centre

The competition for different job roles at Accenture is pretty high also for the graduate & different training schemes and reflected in its hiring process in terms of multiple assessments to bring some strong candidates on the board. The hiring process typically takes around 4-6 weeks.

Accenture’s online application form

You need to make sure that you are meeting the academic requirements before applying for different job roles. You can apply for only one position at a time & if you got unsuccessful then you have to wait for 6 months before reapplying for the posts.

You need to showcase your talent as well as how ambitious you are for the Company.

Different code of conducts & core values of the companies are:

Conduct counts: It’s all about fostering respect, fairness & core ethical values.

Work responsibly: You need to comply with the laws, understand your environmental responsibilities & uphold the human rights.

High performance: Every candidate is committed to deliver high quality of work constantly with the focus on the best interests of the clients & how strong you move ahead.


The Immersive Online Assessment of Accenture

It’s a series of tests with psychometric assessment mainly providing the candidate a path to initiate the online application process. It is used by the company to test your efficiency with the technology including some logical & cognitive skills.

The assessment goes in the areas like:

  • Whether you are a motivated learner or not & able to gain some new knowledge & skills
  • How you are going to collaborate with the others in terms of online & in-person
  • Level of professionalism while helping the clients
  • Whether you can handle new technological skills by finding tremendous ways to apply them perfectly
  • There are 60–90 minutes allocated for completing all the steps of online assessments.

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The Accenture situational judgement test

Type of psychometric test the can figure out how you are going to respond to various hypothetical workplace situations, you can also call this as ‘job simulation tests’ that are tailor made for every sector, it is very important for you to fully understand it carefully.

It is very important for you to be honest & clear about all the things that matters a lot for the online assessment tests. Therefore, show your work in a better way. You don’t need any prior knowledge for that instead just practice for the various tests with our experts online.

Accenture numerical reasoning test

Most popular among the companies as in this numerical reasoning part, data interpretation as well as methods to deal particularly with the numerical information is must for different job roles.

Graphical information will be shown in the form of tables, graphs, charts etc. that you need to analyse & identify by selecting the correct answer accordingly. Showcase your problem solving skills & how you can handle your pressure under the time limitation.

The Accenture logical reasoning test

It’s an umbrella term used for the multiple different types of problem solving skills. This section also known as the diagrammatic reasoning tests in terms of abstract, qualitative, image-based logic questions, you need to identify patterns in this sequence.

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The digital interview process of Accenture

Differ from traditional interviews taken by many companies, here you need to record all your answers with the help of web-cam, PC. Here questions will be asked under the Accenture’s interview platform HireVue, your answers will be reviewed by hiring team.

Typical Accenture interview questions you may face include:

  • Tell something about yourself.
  • How you can showcase your leadership skills as per any particular situation.
  • What does the company do?
  • What are the work ethics and culture in Accenture?
  • Why you are the right candidate for the particular job role?

The Assessment centre

This contains different sections like:

  • The Paired exercises
  • Virtual reality exercises
  • Strength-based interviews

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