Pay someone to Take My Cognitive Ability Tests

It is a method to conveniently predict the general intelligence of a candidate just like IQ test and together they can examine an ability to solve questions & think logically in terms of logical, verbal, numerical & mechanical problems governing questions. It is very popular with employers because it can cover up a broad range of aptitude and better provides an overview of a candidate’s strengths & weaknesses.

What is a cognitive ability test?

It is a measure of candidate’s general mental abilities and covers broad range aptitudes. Unlike most of the aptitude tests, cognitive ability tests mainly cover up different sections like mechanical reasoning and spatial awareness in order to better assess individual’s intelligence.

The tight time limit can makes it harder for you to test your strength even if you are good in one section but shifting from one section to another needs better practice & preparation that is ultimately the key to success.

With any cognitive ability test you need to answer the questions on following topics:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Spatial awareness

The shift between different types of questions or topics at better speed for answering each & every question can really help you in scoring good marks when it comes to taking cognitive ability tests for any job application.

Why employers use them?

This test is recognised as the true indicators of individual’s ability to work under pressure. It is not just meant for checking general aptitude knowledge but also an ability to shift between various styles of challenges and questions. The test can be a proof to the employer about candidate’s ability to make such smart moves that would be essential for job role under pressure situation.

It has its wide scope & used by range of employers like finance, armed forces, banking etc. However, mainly it is useful while hiring any candidate for the job role that needs good decision-making ability so roles that comes under this thing can be a pilot, lawyer, engineer, doctor etc. The test comes as positive aspect for any employer in terms of better hiring, reduced training time and loads of financial benefits.

What are various types of cognitive ability test?

There are different types of subjects cognitive ability test contains but in particular you need to aim for:

Numerical Ability Tests: To examine candidate’s aptitude knowledge for numbers and mainly covers mathematical problems from ratios, percentages, fractions, profit and loss, data interpretation etc.

Verbal Ability Tests:  To evaluate reading comprehension & communication skills based on multiple-choice answers in the form of ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘cannot say’ options.

Logical Ability Tests: Questions based on patterns, shape-based puzzles in order to beautifully assess problem solving & logical thinking abilities.

Mechanical Ability Tests: useful in terms of assessment of better understanding of various mechanical & electrical principles, it mainly covers topics from energy, transformation, levers, pulleys, pressure etc. This tests is particularly useful for armed forces job roles.

Spatial Awareness Tests: To showcase an ability to perfectly manipulate images & shapes in a two and three-dimensional formations and then drawing conclusions in a limited amount of time with limited information. Useful for architecture & engineering firms.

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