Pay some to take my online Financial Reasoning Tests

It is just similar to the numerical reasoning tests in some context as the information presented to you will be in the form of graphs, texts, charts, tables etc.

What is the format of financial reasoning tests?

Mainly focused on short descriptions of different scenarios that are accompanied primarily with the extracts of numerical data. Around 150-200 words of passages are given that are accompany by one question and you are required to extract & filter the important information effectively & quickly. It is different from standard numerical tests as here you are having more text with slightly longer time duration.

Only thing that is difficult here is the level of terminology used within the passages. You need to make sure that you are much familiar with terms like “profit margin”, “market capitalisation” etc. as they are most common terms you are going to see. It can test your ability to finish elaborate calculations in a given period of time.

List of employers who uses the financial reasoning tests?

Mainly financial companies love to use take my online financial reasoning tests as a measure to assess the candidates. Here is the list of financial institutions who take part of this test for the assessment:

  • Barclays
  • Financial Services Authority
  • KPMG
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • HSBC Bank
  • Citigroup
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • BDO

Steps to get prepared for financial reasoning tests?

The financial reasoning test is not at all easy and requires you to have good attention and practice over the financial terms. It is better recommended you to make use of our website for better practicing the questions straight away from now onwards. You can also download sample reasoning test questions available on our website.

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It is similar to the numerical reasoning tests as the tests requires you to solve some mathematical questions based on general mathematics but with slight focus on the finance related topics. Here the total score you are going to obtain will represent your correct answers also wrong answers can subtract points from your overall score.

The tests involves variety of questions that mainly require you to have good command over financial knowledge like business statements, profit-loss accounts, balance sheets etc. Questions includes data given in the form of tables, charts, graphs etc.

It can reveal a candidate’s ability to understand financial market or terms associated with it and also his ability to solve problems related to financial terms. Here you will needed a knowledge about ratios, profits, percentages, interest, DI etc.

In our site you will be able to get best possible help in regards to financial reasoning tests which requires you to have knowledge about financial terms. In order to get best performance in our practice tests you need to brush up your knowledge of school level financial terms.

We will provide you the most popular questions of varying difficulty together with some guides & essential tips before you head start your practice.

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