Three Tips To Good Communication Skills

Communication skills can help win an argument or a business proposal, provided we can convey our points well in front of the people we are dealing with. This development of communication skills should come right from the time a student enrolls for formal education in any institute. It is essential to communicate well in class to express themselves in a classroom setting well enough, not just to perform well in viva exams or presentations but also to build a good rapport with peers and teachers. There could be several ways to develop and improve communication skills. Even certain coaching centers provide lessons and exercises to help students develop good communication skills. 

However, the following are some essential tips that one may utilize to achieve this goal.

Being Interactive: 

Approaching people and starting a conversation to practice speaking are the best ways to improve such skills. While talking to someone could be a simple question requesting guidance to a specific shop or even requesting the teacher in the classroom about any doubt regarding a topic. It is essential to be an extrovert who is open to communication and easy to talk to approach without hesitation. Even with friends, it is always good to converse with a formal tone (similar to a tone play) and ask for their feedback on speaking better. Accurate information is also essential while dictating facts about any issue. This also helps develop an immediate response from a question ensuring the answers are made with the correct tone and dialect.


Reading a topic or even a newspaper aloud can help in improving communication. This provides an opportunity to learn the correct pronunciation of words, eventually preventing awkward situations due to mispronounced words. By listening to self, one can improvise on the speaking tone and sound more formal. Apart from this, the confidence in the voice can also be checked as it is essential to speak confidently. Hence, reading aloud, especially in front of a mirror, can induce confidence while communicating.

Competition Participation: 

Certain competitions involve speaking. Some of the examples include extempore speeches, debates, and paper presentations. These involve extensive speaking, which can also help improve speech and communication skills in a broader sense. Students should use such platforms to express and improve their speaking. They should analyze the positives and negatives and even seek feedback from professors to improve further. When on the verge of improving communication skills, one should not get demotivated for losing a tournament as long as it is helping to induce confidence at speaking in public. Likewise, doing presentations in the classroom or even explaining a science project during a science exhibition can also improve communication skills. It is always advisable to seek feedback from professors and even friends to help students achieve their goals.

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