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The company IKEA is better known for delivering you values-added services related to the home furnishing with the objective to deliver your compassionate offers.

Various career options at the Ikea

The company IKEA is actually the diversified group of straightforward, down to earth, reliable people who are there to give you passionate home furnishing services on the go. The IKEA Company believes in the work culture that is showing the spirit of enthusiasm, togetherness, & lot of fun. The company IKEA always look for the candidates who can share their values & positive attitude.

The recruitment process of the Ikea

  • An Online Application For IKEA
  • The Telephonic round of assessment
  • The Assessment Centre

An Online Application process for IKEA

The tests of IKEA starts with the fill-up of online application by the candidates that can give you a chance to sell yourself effectively together with your skills & experience. Your answers need to be crystal clear & precise. You will be provided relevant details to sufficiently answer every question.

IKEA’s Numerical Reasoning section

After processing the application form online and filling up your details completely you will be called upon by Ikea team for next round of assessment that is numerical reasoning tests. This is a type of psychometric assessment in which you will be measured with your numerical abilities & its relation with graphs, tables, pie charts, percentages etc. You are asked to analyse the given data and then define the correct answer from the list of multiple answers given. You can practice in advance with the help of take my online Ikea tests for me without any difficulty.

IKEA’s Verbal Reasoning section

Comprises of series of unique paragraphs that a candidate needs to read & then give answers accordingly. The responses can be in the form of True, cannot define or False. The test is surely able to assess your reading comprehension, analytical, and language understanding skills together with the other grammatical skills.

IKEA’s Diagrammatic or Logical Reasoning section

The logical reasoning section or diagrammatic reasoning section of the Ikea recruitment exactly contains sequence of questions in the form of pattern identification, logical thinking skills and analysis skills, you need to approach to the given problem by using all your skills. The assessor will see how good a candidate is in terms of solving it perfectly. You have very short period of time to do that and with less than a minute for each question, the difficulty of question get increased one after the other. You need to be careful with the timings.

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IKEA’s Group Exercise section

You will be presented with few information & you need to analyse the information with both answer & question together. Here, you will be assessed about how you are going to work with the team as process of deriving the answer is more crucial than actual answer itself.

The Case Study round

The case study exercise of also termed as the analytical abilities determination exercise is purely based on the analysis part and your problem solving skills. Here, the list of information is presented in front of you & you are required to process that information after reading it fully and then analyse the same information. There may be a possibility that you may have to prepare the written report in order to perfectly analyse your spelling, grammatical & writing skills.

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