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EY is one of the leading professional services oriented company that has global presence and comes under the big four that includes: Deloitte, PwC and KPMG. Headquartered at London, it has 230,000 plus employees working globally.

The selection process is rigorous and needs better practice.

Careers opportunities at EY

EY is the leader in delivering various professional services and helps other organisations in making better informed decisions about the business, technology & finance.

As far as roles for any experienced professional is concerned, EY offers multiple level of opportunities. If you are just starting out your career then EY will give you better mindful opportunities in various segments like industrial placements, apprenticeships, summer internships & graduate programmes.

You will get suitable Jobs & placements in terms of business areas like consulting, technology, tax & assurance. 

The Application process for the EY

It begins with the type of role & level a candidate you are applying for, however the path is simple with focus should be on five stages:

  • The Online application form 
  • Psychometrics assessment Tests
  • Simulation profiling related to job role
  • Your Experience day with the Assessment Centre
  • Final Round of Interview

The submission of applications for different job roles begins prior to 2 months online.

  • The EY Online application form

This is the very first step in EY tests for multiple job roles. You need to create the profile first & then need to fill EY tests online application form. The information that you are going to fill in this application will be: job role you are applying for, prefered location and other basic details like personal information, work experience, certifications or achievements on academics etc.

After this, you will receive the login credentials immediately for finishing up your online assessment for the next several stages, upon successful completion.

  1. Psychometric Tests

This contains numerous sections like:

  • EY situational strengths test

There are different challenging scenarios that you need to face which are followed by different possible responses for each scenario.

The total duration for the test is 30 minutes.

  • The EY numerical reasoning test

Total of 24 questions that needs to be answered within 20 minutes with topics like graphs, tables, percentages etc. Here you can be asked to perfectly analyse the given data & then choose the correct one from MCQ’s. There is no need of maths knowledge only school level maths is enough.

  • The EY verbal reasoning test

It is designed to assess an ability of a candidate in terms of verbal comprehension, communication skills & analysis of text accurately & quickly.

Here candidate is presented with reading passages followed by set of questions. You have to select response from true, false and can’t say options.

  • The EY logical reasoning test:

    To perfectly assess your problem-solving abilities in terms of series of different questions in relation to sequences of patterns, shapes.


  • EY job simulation

This step is needed to explore the strength of every individual in terms of 14 questions based on real life scenario for the workplace. This section can take an hour to get completed.

  1. EY Experience Day at the assessment centre:

    Day fixed for exercises, interviews and activities to figure out strengths & qualities.

This contains the sub sections like:

  • The EY group exercise:

    Candidates are Splits into different groups with set of information related to different tasks or scenario with 15 minutes for the exercise.

  • EY case study

    : Ability to make some serious business decisions under 30 minutes of time.


  • Final Round of Interviews

Usually scheduled at the end of your experience day or sometimes at the start or another date after it. It will last for 25 minutes with strength-based questions.

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