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The ExxonMobil receives thousands of job applications across the world every year and the company recruits best possible candidates in terms of different rounds of assessments.

Get through with Your ExxonMobil Tests

The ExxonMobil’s Hiring Process

ExxonMobil Company’s hiring process contains 2 of the most important steps to follow:

1st phase

You need to finish this step with the online application or questionnaire in order to gain better understanding about the candidates. You have to submit your CV with the application on their website online.

2nd phase 

This phase contains few assessment rounds to be completed. These rounds can be numerical reasoning, mechanical aptitude round, personality assessment round, data checking etc. After this, you need to face different rounds of interviews like telephonic, research, technical, collaborative etc.

The First Phase of assessment for the ExxonMobil

Online application form submission 

The recruitment at the Company starts with an online application form submission process & can be varied from one position to another & requires different rounds of effective assessment.

This steps will help the Company to know each & everything about the candidate right from their background details, experience, knowledge, expertise etc. You also need to be familiar about the working culture, core values of the Company. Here you also need to submit your resume together with the application form.


The second Phase of assessment for the ExxonMobil

The 2nd round of assessment for the ExxonMobil recruitment process contains multiple pre-employment tests. Candidates are likely to be encountered with different number of tests as per the job role applied. These rounds of assessments takes 5-6 hours to get completed.

Numerical Reasoning round 

The numerical reasoning round by ExxonMobil contains some brilliant measure of skillset for the employers and it can level off the numerical abilities along with the speed and accuracy for solving questions on variety of topics like graphs, percentage, ratio, basic arithmetic, tables etc. Here set of questions are given, you are required to find the correct answer within a given period of time. You can prepare for this round with take my online ExxonMobil tests for me services.

Checking the Data Accuracy

This is the important assessment round that actually go after the checking of candidate’s ability to read the numerical data & then after understanding that data, answers the different number of questions.

The Mechanical Aptitude test

In order to test mechanical ability of a candidate with an ability to perfectly define few basic mechanical vocab terms, the company makes the selection of best possible candidates in terms of MCQ’s test format.

Making use of given Information

This is the test to define your reasoning skills & this also includes few word problems to determine missing information, draw conclusions or deduct important information from the incomplete data.

Personality assessment round

This personality assessment round makes use of complicated rating systems in order to measure individual’s working styles, behavioural tendencies as well as preferences. This can be considered as one of the strongest indicator for future performance & culture fit in regards to candidates. Candidates are rated on the basis of statements given in the form of very-strongly disagree to the very-strongly agree options then their responses will be collected to have in-depth report which shows working style of a candidate.

The ExxonMobil’s Pre-Employment Results

The results of pre-employment test can actually determine your ability to work for the ExxonMobil & where exactly you fit for the different job roles you have already applied. The pre-employment assessment round can be offered at various locations as per the available ExxonMobil’s facilities, throughout the year. If you meet the minimum qualifying criteria then you will be notified for the same. Your passing test-results will remain valid for four years once you have taken the examination, thus providing you 4 years of potential.


Other ExxonMobil’s Summer Internship-Hiring Process

A complete online application assessment 

You have to create your personal profile as well as perfectly write down the cover letter.

The Online assessment round

It is the shorter & the easiest version of ExxonMobil test you receive.

A Computerized assessment round

This begins with the assessment of mechanical skills, personality of the candidate, interpretation of graphs with basic math ability & a reading comprehension round for the complete assessment. Candidates will be invited to take the test at different centres of the ExxonMobil & they will receive noise cancelling headphones with whiteboard & eraser. 


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With ExxonMobil’s job assessment process you can apply to the following job-positions:

  • Process operator 
  • Operator 
  • A Lab Technician
  • A process Technician
  • Instrumental Technician

If you need the best possible preparation for your ExxonMobil pre-employment section in order to get hired by the company for the job role you have applied, then you need a lot of practice sessions. For the phase-2 of the assessment tests, you need variety of practice questions with detailed analysis for every round in a meaningful manner.