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Development Dimensions international is the best company in terms of giving employers a suitable to assess the candidates without any difficulty.

The DDI’s Adaptive Reasoning section or ART

The DDI’s Adaptive-Reasoning-Test or ART is the short form of online assessment taken by the DDI with only 15 questions in total. An ART test is just like a visual assessment test without any words and presenting the series of different shapes & patterns that you need to solve by the your skills and what is better refer to as the figural reasoning by DDI.

Every year ART test is given by almost 200k people across the world & mainly used by the employers for better assessment of the candidates in regards to different job roles that actually demands learning new set of information quickly. The ART adjusts difficulty level of every question thus delivering more difficult questionnaires after your correct responses & less difficult questionnaires after every incorrect response. You as a test taker will receive unique series of multiple questions.

Get prepared for the ART test with best possible practice sessions 

For the Adaptive-Reasoning-Test or ART the Development-Dimensions-International makes use of different screening sections that has the potential for determining best candidates for the employers globally like P & G, Huntington, Panasonic, Siemens, Prudential, Nissan & various others that are listed in the Fortune 500 or Fortune-100 companies worldwide. Take help from take my online Development dimensions international tests for me to get prepared easily.

The DDI’s Career-Battery round

The DDI’s Career Batteries section is the personality assessment section designed by the experts to screen out the large chunk of candidates and take better job applicants on the list with a streamlined promotional activities for the hiring process. This DDI test is used by the employers when there is higher volume of job applications are waiting in the queue and employers is aiming at hiring the best candidates as soon as possible.

The Career Batteries section typically has the following personality traits to identify:

  • The Self-management & teamwork

This can be figured out in terms of whether a candidate can agree or disagree with the given statements that will showcase their behaviour in workplace.

  • The Judgment & decision-making

For this quality assessment, you will be presented with the challenging workplace scenarios & then you are asked to typically judge few problem-solving solutions from the list of few ineffective given problem-solving solutions.

  • Personal experience

Choose your response from the list of selective responses that can describe your experience prior to the application for DDI.

  • DDI’s Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment can actually serve employers better in terms of testing the personality of the candidate for leadership as well as sales based positions. This particularly give you a full picture of the strengths, weaknesses of a candidate at workplace. It has the ability to measure the potential for better job success that are used primarily by the organizations as a tool for corporate development.

Different types of DDI’s Readiness Assessments:

  • A Leader Readiness-Assessment round for managerial level positions
  • A Sales Readiness-Assessment round for different varieties of sales based positions


The DDI’s Insight Inventory

It can provide better insights to the personality traits & abilities to execute different tasks at the workplace as well as highlighting the key areas for improvement instead of screening the candidates on compatibility.

  • The Leader-Insight-Inventory For mid-level managers as well as supervisors
  • The Sales Insight-Inventory mainly for sales-based positions
  • The Professional-Insight Inventory for effective professionalised jobs that are staffed by the college graduates

The DDI’s Skills Test

The development dimensions international offers different skill based tests and covers variety of skills for Accounting, Finance, Legal, Retail, Food Service, Software& Medical industries.

The personality assessment tests

This personality assessment round makes use of complicated rating systems in order to measure individual’s working styles, behavioural tendencies as well as preferences. This can be considered as one of the strongest indicator for future performance & culture fit in regards to candidates. Candidates are rated on the basis of statements given in the form of very-strongly disagree to the very-strongly agree options then their responses will be collected to have in-depth report which shows working style of a candidate.

Leadership assessment tests

The DDI hires only those applicants who have scored well on test with better leadership potential as well as higher emotional-intelligence quotient. The assessment test is used by the DDI to figure out the most desired candidate from the list of candidates in order to best job roles at your preferred company.

Several other leadership assessment tests are:

The Leader-Career-Battery or LCB: Contains a one shot testing session in which various job-related skills are being assessed and used primarily at the initial level hiring.

The Leadership-Insight-Inventory or LII: To identify those candidates who showcases few essential traits that are critical for the job-success and used for job positions that are having higher level of complications like development planning.

The Leadership-Readiness-Assessment or LRA: This test is taken for effectively measuring the behavioural skills for the job roles applied. 

The Health-Care Leader-Career Battery: The focus here is on the determination of personal attributes.

The Leader3 Ready or L3R: Performed by various employers to figure out Mid-Level leaders among the list of candidates that are ready for next-step & have the ability to become executives.


  • Prepare well for DDI’s various rounds of assessments
  • Be ready for taking number of questions every day with DDI’s test preparation guidance.
  • Ensure that you are ready for taking DDI’s assessment on your D-day

DDI has different test-types:

  • The Adaptive-Reasoning-Test or ART
  • The Career Battery
  • The Skill based Test
  • A Readiness Assessment
  • The Insight Inventory

Various other DDI’s assessments comes under the category of Career-Battery, Readiness-Assessment, Skills-Test, insight-Inventory & Adaptive-Reasoning Test.

The questions given here are of varying difficultly level and absolutely challenge the candidates on the basis of various job roles applied and together with the shorter time limit, you need to prepare well for the test and answers questions as fast as possible.