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The Cut-e is the most promising psychometric assessment as well as talent-measurement firm who delivers multiple employer recruitment tools. With wide range of integrity & psychometric assessment based questions, the company helps various employers to follow the specific formats & question types for better assessment of the candidates. Often administered by many industries as a part of recruitment or job-progression within the business.

What exactly is Cut-e test?

The Cut-e assessment test better assesses the candidates on the basis of specified skills or aptitude abilities & typically contains the test of short-duration that may range from 5-15 minutes. Better known as the Aon tests as Aon Company acquired the Cut-e, has several ‘scales. In various business sectors the name provided to each of the test is very popular. Almost 30 million desired candidates makes use of Cut-e tests every year. With the online portal named as MapTQ, all the test are administered and they are compatible with most of the smartphones & tablets. You can also make use of personal computer, laptop or notebook as per your convenience with effective web connectivity.

Which employers use Cut-e tests?

The Cut-e test is used by various industries out of which few sectors are financial, industrial and consumer relation. Employers like Siemens, Deloitte, O2, Jury’s Inn and ISS makes use of Cut-e test in order to have better talent acquisition & staff progression process online.

Apart from that, the type of the Cut-e test utilized mainly depends on the application as well as the type of role applied for as each & every type has its own set of assessment rounds for finding any specific skill set.

What are the various types of Cut-e test & how they exactly work?

There are various different tests are available within the environment of Cut-e-test. You can practice for these tests with the help of take my online Cut-e tests for me online.

The Cut-e’s numerical reasoning section

Here, the total of 20-25 questions are needs to be answered with the time limit of 20 minutes for the topics like graphs, tables, percentages etc. Here you can be asked to perfectly analyse the provided data & then choose the correct answer from the list of answers. No need of any prior high level maths knowledge only school level maths will be sufficient.

The Cut-e’s verbal reasoning section

Effective communication skills are very important for any individual who wants to join any industry. Candidates are expected to effectively translate the complex results or data, rectify and identify the issues or problems & better your communication for giving out best possible results with the sales job roles. The verbal reasoning test will be of moderate level with main focus on finding out the solutions to numerical problems.

With the help of given information inside the passage, you are invited to give your responses in terms of ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘cannot say’. You don’t need to provide any additional information or facts here only information provided in the passage is enough.

You don’t need any prior knowledge as entire information is given correctly. You just need to find it effectively without any hesitation.

Cut-e’s personality assessment round

The Cut-e’s personality assessment round is mainly designed by the experts to determine the personality of the candidate and the assessment of multiple traits which can contribute something to the individual’s performance at workplace. This has important linkage with the measurement of following dimensions Like Fellowship, Conformity, detail, Emotion and Authority. It can deliver you the assessment of individual’s strength, styles, patience, proficiency, patience, fair-mindedness, loyalty, initiative, disclosure etc.

Below are the key tips to make sure that you will perform well in the Cut-e test.

Practice a lot

Go for the free practice package available for you at Cut-e test’s online platform. You can practice more with premium packages under the services of take my online Cut-e tests for me online. It is the best way to get prepared for the test before applying for the job. 

Get out of comfort zone

Try something new and get out of your comfort zone by asking your friend or family member to take your quiz as per the passage given in your favourite books, just sharpen your verbal-reasoning abilities or you can also play few mathematical PC game to help you in boosting the numerical reasoning skills.

Care about the Instructions

This sounds pretty common yet, you need to be aware about the instructions given as there are majority of candidates who don’t read instructions carefully during the starting time of the test. You need to follow the structure while taking test online.


The scoring is pretty simple for the Cut-e test, in this case, you will get reward points for every correct answer & few points will be deducted from your score for every wrong answer. You will be facing personality assessment rounds which can be more complicated than the others. Around 6 points is distributed for every page among given statements.

This particular test has the challenging scenario to clear and most of the time people get into the trouble if they don’t have any practice for the same. It is like an elimination process where most of the people gets out, so we can say that this will give us a clear idea about the strength & weaknesses of the candidate. You need to have a good amount of practice for creating a difference among your competition.

You can take the Cut-e tests directly from the online platform with the link provided by the employer.


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