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You can convert your passion with the help of BBC’s talent schemes so that you can have a kick start career that you always needed.

Various career options for you at BBC

The company BBC is one of the prominent graduate employers in the area of arts & creative market. If you want to be a passionate employee in BBC that is driven by tremendous opportunities then it is the best you can have right now.

The BBC’s Application Process

BBC’s Psychometric Tests

BBC’s psychometric tests contain numerous sections that need to be understood for better selection of yours job different job roles.

It has multiple sub sections like:

  • Numerical reasoning section
  • Verbal reasoning test by BBC
  • And logical reasoning test or diagrammatic reasoning 

BBC’s Numerical Reasoning Tests

It contains various set of questions that must be answered by the candidates. Here the questions are mostly related to the topics of mathematics like percentages, tables, pie-charts, graphs etc. Candidate are requested to analyse the given information & after then select the best answer from the list of multiple choice answers. For that you need a peaceful environment and a lot of good practice.

BBC’s Verbal Reasoning section

It contains set of paragraphs, candidates should read & understand the information provided in the paragraph thoroughly and at last answer the questions. Here, the candidate can respond to any answer in the form of true, false or can’t say options.

BBC’s verbal reasoning section can better assess your analytical reasoning skills and also this is the timed section so be careful while answering the questions and pay attention to the clock as well.

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The BBC’s Diagrammatic or Logical Reasoning section

BBC’s diagrammatic reasoning test as well as logical reasoning section contains variety of questions in relation to given sequences of patterns & shapes. A missing term will be there in the question, you need to figure out the correct term from the list of answers.

BBC’s Situational assessment Tests

This section of BBC’s recruitment process has a lot of challenging situations to deliver to the successful candidates who have cleared previous sections completely. The scenarios given here are just similar to the one you may face during your workplace. There can be number of responses possibly to that particular situation, candidate need to select the best one that can fit into the scenario easily.

Also, this test can figure out how you will react to those situations. It is important for you to read the data carefully and then analyse that without any hesitation.

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