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The company Baker & McKenzie is the law firm and giving needful assistance to their clients in terms of overcoming of multiple challenges in this global economy.

Various career options at the Baker & McKenzie

The company Baker & McKenzie is a law company but slightly different from various other law firms present inside the market. They behaviour and working culture towards their clients is somewhat different from others present in the market. From the very beginning they have been in the list of wold’s best law firm brands present in this world by Acritas and have been named consecutively for six years. The company better know the value of talented employees and also committed to provide excellent support to grow together with the company in their life.

The Baker & McKenzie’s recruitment Process

  • An Online Application
  • The Psychometric assessment procedure
  • The Telephonic Interview
  • The Assessment Day

The online application form for the Baker & McKenzie

The assessment of any candidate for the Baker & McKenzie Company begins with the online application form that needs to be dully filled by the candidate along with few personal detail and professional data like work experience, academics etc.

The Baker & McKenzie’s Verbal Reasoning assessment

The Baker & McKenzie’s verbal reasoning section contains different sorts of unique reasoning questions to be solved within the short period of time. Here, different types of questions will be given in front of you, you are requested to perfectly read them & then given answers as per the analysis performed by you.

You can give your response in terms of true, can’t say & false. The Baker & McKenzie’s verbal reasoning test will better assess your analytical skills, reading comprehension as well as grammatical skills. The Baker & McKenzie’s Situational assessment Test

The Baker and McKenzie Company’s situational assessment test is a kind of test in which you will be given multiple range of questions for determining how you can perform or react to the certain hypothetical situations or events which may be encountered by the candidates during his or her workplace environment. As per the answers given by you to the assessment team, you will get assessed in terms of how you can align your values & behaviours to that of Company Baker and McKenzie. It is a crucial thing to do and for that you need to make good research about the Company. You can take help of take my online Baker and McKenzie tests for me to collect useful knowledge about the company.

The Baker & McKenzie’s Group Exercise round

A group task will be handed over to you that involves business scenario or meeting in which you are expected to deliver solutions to your team members. Here you are judged upon your strong relationship or support skills. It is very important for you to have perfect balance between being dominant and being passive.

The Baker & McKenzie’s Case Study round or Interview round

The assessors will take your interview & discuss your case study & how you should approach this section. For the interview purpose it is very important for you to determine the company’s background as well as figure out the values before going ahead with the assessment centre.

The assessment centre round

The assessment centre exercise contains the form of Group Exercise by Baker & McKenzie. This Assessment Centres exercise is actually a mix of individuals as well as group activities. As per your job role or the position you have applied for you need to prepare fully for this exercise.

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