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The ARUP Company is of the biggest and experienced employer in the field of engineering, planning, design, project management & consulting solutions.

Various Career opportunities at ARUP

The ARUP Company has been delivering multinational professional services from many years with headquarter in London in terms of design, planning, engineering, project management & consulting solutions for every aspect of built environment.

The hiring process for ARUP

An online application form

  • Candidates are required to fill up the online application form.
  • Here, you have to give details like personal information, contact details, experience if any, qualification etc.
  • Once after the submission of your online application form, you can move ahead with next step.

The Psychometric Assessment process for ARUP

The psychometric assessment related to ARUP mainly consist of various stepwise tests of numerical reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, verbal reasoning etc. Here is the detailed information about all the tests associated with this section.

The ARUP Numerical Reasoning Tests

It mainly comprises of different series of questions (can be hard once you move forward)that needs to be answered correctly within the limited period of time and can varies in accordance with company. The questions here are mainly related to graphs, percentage, tables, charts etc. with these questions you have to analyse the data given and then act accordance with the questions in the form of set of multiple choice question answers.

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The ARUP Verbal Reasoning Tests

You have limited time in which you have to answer series of questions in the form of paragraphs and you are requested to perfectly read & answer the questions with options provided as: true, can’t say and false.

This test can majorly assess your reading comprehension skills, verbal reasoning skills and skills to take pressure under specified situations. This test can be taken by authorities again during the assessment day.

The ARUP Diagrammatic or Logical Reasoning Tests

It mainly comprises multiple questions that are basically related to sequences of patterns, shapes and diagrams.A single step will be missing in these steps and you are required to choose the correct answer from multiple set of answers. You need to sit in this logical reasoning test again during your assessment day.

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The ARUP Presentation

This is the last step to get assessed in terms of preparing for the diversifying project. It is the last chance for you to showcase your talent and how you will work under pressure. It gives better insights into your ideology as well as your public and presentation skills

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