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One of the leading Company of this world in terms of delivering outstanding customer centric relations, the American Express is best for you to gain multiple opportunities in a globalized way.

Various career solutions for you at American Express

If you are an intern or recently been graduated from any college or university then joining the American Express will let you have marvellous career goals and work on the real responsibilities, projects in convenient manner.

With them you can have a direct impact at the American Express Company’s team & lead from the front. The team will support you & inspire you to create many unique opportunities along the journey.

Different steps of the American Express selection process

American Express Company’s Numerical Reasoning section

It’s a type of MCQ format round in which the Company American Express is going to assess all your skills and abilities pertaining to better analyse, evaluate or interpret the given numerical data in the form of charts, tables, graphs etc. With a little time you to find the right solution by making of calculations like ratios, basic arithmetic, percentage etc. in a fast & accurate manner.

The American Express Company’s logical reasoning or Diagrammatic assessment test

American Express Company’s diagrammatic or in other words logical reasoning assessment is totally based on the identification power and better skillset in terms of clearly identifying various sequences, patterns etc.

All your logical thinking skills as well as your abilities to approach to the specific problem will be analysed. You should be well prepared for this section as it is easier but takes a lot of time so better practice with take my online American Express tests for me will help you a lot. For this limited time period section that usually left you with minute or less for every question, you will experience difficulty of various questions will get increased as you progress slowly.


The American Express Company’s Situational assessment round

The American Express Company’s Situational assessment test is a kind of test in which you will be given multiple range of questions for determining how you can perform or react to the certain hypothetical situations or events which may be encountered by the candidates during his or her workplace environment. As per the answers given by you to the assessment team, you will get assessed in terms of how you can align your values & behaviours to that of Company American Express It is a crucial thing to do and for that you need to make good research about the Company.

The American Express company’s Group Exercise

This American Express Company’s Group working task represents how best a candidate is within the group & also how he can be a great leader with its leadership qualities. The test is simple and you just need to focus on showing your balanced side rather than being passive or dominating. For better practice of these sort of questions go ahead with take my online American Express tests for me services online and be prepared for giving your best at the judgement day.

American Express’s Presentation round

You will be assessed by this exercise to demonstrate your soft speaking skills together with the knowledge in regards to American Express Company. All you need to do is to prepare well with your full stack presentation under the topic already been delivered to you. You just need to answer the few questions and highlight your public speaking skills to the assessors.

The American Express’s Role Play

The American Express Company’s role play exercise is totally based on the situations delivered to you where you are going to assessed in terms of your behaviour, knowledge & you capability to handle most of the situations. It can be similar to the scenarios you are going to face at your workplace with your colleague or client. The examiner will see how you will perform under pressure and how you can be ensured about the preparations.

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