Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that involves considerable critical thinking and analysis to find solutions to mathematical problems. There are a wide range of books available to students worldwide for them to access all the information and learn mathematics. A student going to school begins learning numbers at a very young age and sometimes right from their homes. This subject is not just confined to a school subject, but mathematics is being used in our daily lives as well. Whenever we go for shopping or even purchase a book, we calculate or understand the prices verses the discounted price (as for example) in terms of simple numerical data. As time passed, the subject has also evolved with several theorems and principles. The subject allows us to understand the real world in real time. In other words, it helps us understand the world with data.

Mathematics is one of the subject that people find it to be the most difficult subject to understand. It involves a tremendous amount of logical thinking and reasoning. This may be one reason for not being understandable. There is often a wonder why several students find this particular subject as a nightmare. The subject involves a lot of time investment to understand the problems related to it. One should practice several times until it is mastered. This is one of the only subjects known in high school that increases a child’s critical thinking ability. It is therefore good for increasing brain power and memory at the same time. With the mastering of mathematics or even at an amateur level, one can develop a high level of problem solving ability. One can get adjusted to issues and find an accurate solution that will help in solving the problem in the shortest period of time.

As a person starts pursuing his or her career, financial understanding of certain job aspects become important. Companies hire individuals who have the ability to solve complex problems with ease. Certain financial and other related data analysis involves a large amount of calculations and a candidate being aware of such skills are always the first preference for jobs. The biggest example would also be the calculation of hikes, salary and bonus percentages. Hence, mathematics is involved in every employee’s life. Another interesting example would be in the context of fitness. When we workout or do a simple run, we tend to record it in terms of average pace and distance. Sometimes, we also include time.

Likewise, when we are strictly following a diet, we often prepare a meal that involves calculation of the carbohydrate or protein content in the meal we are consuming. As with growing time, fitness regime has become a trend, one often calculates the calories burnt after a workout session. Thus, mathematics is an important subject in our daily lives. Although it is a compulsory subject in many of the schools as part of the basic education syllabus, one cannot eradicate the fact that mathematics will be continued to stay in our life even after we complete our high school. 

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