How To Complete Syllabus in 1 Month?

Completing the syllabus for what has been taught in school or college could be challenging. However, certain secrets can help students achieve this particular goal. All they require is effective time management skills. A timetable for study for an entire month can be very useful in planning which study to study first and how many chapters need to be studied on a per-day basis. A student may prefer to invest more study hours for a difficult lesson and prefer to keep the easy topics towards the end to study. The vice versa method can also be equally effective in studying the entire syllabus within a month. The most important attribute is the dedication to stick towards the targeted timetable for one whole month.

The following are some of the other tips for completing the syllabus within a month:

Preparation of Revision Notes:

Small notes to keep the important points of a lesson or topic to prepare at the last minute while studying the syllabus can help in effective preparation.

Set up Study Room:

A properly designed study room can encourage enough to start studying a month before the exam. The study room needs to be quiet in the house, away from the usual noise from the surrounding environment. The ergonomics and some good stationery items could be useful in setting up a study room. All the books and notebooks should be arranged neatly in this part of the room to be easily accessible while studying.

Solving previous year’s questions:

Practicing an old paper is the best way to mock prepare oneself and help assess whether the learner has effectively answered all the previous year’s question papers. This method acts as a checkpoint for students for self-assessment of their learning progress.

Do not read new topics or difficult topics right before the exam. If a topic is difficult or lengthy, it is always convenient to start studying that particular subject well before the very beginning. As this may occupy an hour extra, such topics should be dealt with first as the short or easy topics could be learned within minutes.

A Calm Mind:

While studying, a calm mind is always important. Meditation could be the best option to calm one down if someone is worried or less focused during the study time. In case there are concentration issues, one can always take a small break from time to time to relax their mind and relax to lay their focus back on the lessons. As examinations approach or worry about completing the syllabus within a month, one should not panic. With effective time management and planning, the syllabus can be completed in a month. The punch rule is always to begin early.

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